Cocktail Attire & Dress Code Defined - A Men's Guide - D'Marge — 14 May 2016 What does the cocktail attire and dress code mean? Smart Casual Dress Code Defined (And How To Wear It With Style) Why, there’s black tie, smart casual and business casual already putting you through your dress code paces.


The Official Dos and Don'ts of Cocktail Attire for Women — 28 Nov 2016 Dress codes are something people don't talk about enough. From white tie to cocktail attire, the amount of gray areas regarding what and what not to wear are endless. Today, we are here to talk all things cocktail sans the drinks ( unfortunately). Believe it or not, there are certain rules you most definitely 


Cocktail Attire for Men (How to Wear the Dress Code in Style) — 8 Feb 2018 When it comes to evening social events, cocktail attire is often the go-to dress code. Equal parts elegant and effortless, this fashionable style blends formality with personality. So, while you can't get away with just throwing on your usual black tux, you can get creative. Still not sure what exactly to wear?


Cocktail Attire For Men - Dress Code Guide For Weddings & Events — 30 Sep 2015 When you receive an invitation nowadays, it may read Cocktail Attire, Black Tie Optional, or Formal, but what exactly does that mean? Back in the day, things were simpler: The Dress code was either Black Tie for less formal evening occasions and White Tie for more formal ones. The women's dresses were 


The five most common dress codes and what they actually mean for — 6 Nov 2015 In order of most formal to least formal, here's Vogue's ultimate guide to dress codes. Cocktail Women: an above-the-knee hem is appropriate, or an evening pantsuit. Men: suit, tie optional. Smart casual. Women: there are no rules however it requires a Five puzzling wedding dress codes demystified 


When Is Cocktail Attire Appropriate? - LiveAbout — 12 Dec 2017 When the dress code on an invitation reads "cocktail attire," it suggests a dark suit worn with a tie (a navy or charcoal grey suit is best) for men, and a shorter, party- ready dress for women, such as a little black dress or even dressy separates like a skirt and blouse. Cocktail attire is less dressy than "formal" 


What Every Type of Dress Code REALLY means | StyleCaster — Ugh, dress codes. They're the worst, am I right? Nothing sucks the fun out of getting ready to attend a wedding quicker than some obscure dress code printed on the invitation. No matter how many events we attend, it seems like we're always second guessing what the terms “semi-formal,” “business casual” and “cocktail